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Title Rating Comments
30 Rock Pretty funny show. Lots of fun to watch. There were some episodes with tad more drama that I would have liked.
Arrested Development The first three seasons are the ones to watch. There were lots of enjoyable moments there.
Curb Your Enthusiasm I found these rather creative and some really funny episodes. I found myself agreeing with some of the insights at times.
Dilbert This was a great funny show to watch. I wish there was more seasons
Extras Lots of laughs. Great characters and a good show to watch
Frasier I loved the level of humor and the characters.
Friends The was a fun show to watch and is a classic. You really get to know the characters as the show goes on.
House of Cards I was enjoying the first season but it went downhill really fast. I kept watching but all seasons after the first one were not that good.
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia An enjoyable show. There are a few episodes that aren't really good but a good portion of them are fun to watch.
The Mandalorian A fun space western. I enjoy watching this show.
The Office (UK) The original that started it all. Loved the characters and it was funny. Too short of a show.
The Office (US) This was a fun show to watch. Of course there were a couple of cringe episodes; but it made me laugh
Star Trek Deep Space Nine I loved a lot of the characters on this show. The format was great in that the story progress across episodes and seasons.
Star Trek Discovery I liked having Lorca as well Pike as the captain. It did take a few episodes to get into it and I hope it continues to be a great show
Star Trek Picard I grew up watching Star Trek The Next Generation and it is nice to see a show with that cast again. It did start off a tad slow but I enjoyed watching it.
Star Trek Voyager This was a fun show to watch. It is a great journey.
Westworld I enjoyed the movie and the show thus far seems fun. The first season was good; but the second season wasn't as good. I'll find out about the third season.