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Here are some T.V. shows and my thoughts on them:

Title Rating Notes
Arrested Development First three seasons were quite funny. The rest wasn't good though.
Battlestar Galactica Good show and well written. A good adventure.
Bluey Very cute kid's show that parents can enjoy as well
The Boys Great show where the writing is really good.
Breaking Bad Fantastic show. I like the story, characters and more.
Battlestar Galactica Great writing. Dark but also exciting.
Chernobyl Really well done. Was very exciting.
Curb Your Enthusiasm Great show; was fun. Not the most relatable though.
Dilbert Really funny. I loved it.
Friends I had some laughs watching this show back in the day.
The Office (US) Lots of laughs. Some cringe though.
Rick & Morty So many good laughs. I love the sci-fi aspect of it too.
Sherlock Some episodes were really good; was average though.
Severance Good concept and interesting. Thus far one season with some weird parts.
The Simpsons Lately the episodes are getting boring; but had some laughs
The Sopranos It was fun; but sometimes too much drama.
South Park The earlier episodes were not funny; but later episodes were actually funny.
Ted Lasso Really just one good character; the rest didn't resonate with me.