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Title Rating Comments
30 Rock Pretty funny show. Lots of fun to watch. There were some episodes with tad more drama that I would have liked.
Arrested Development The first three seasons are the ones to watch. There were lots of enjoyable moments there.
Curb Your Enthusiasm I found these rather creative and some really funny episodes. I found myself agreeing with some of the insights at times.
Dilbert This was a great funny show to watch. I wish there was more seasons
Extras Lots of laughs. Great characters and a good show to watch
Frasier I loved the level of humor and the characters.
Friends The was a fun show to watch and is a classic. You really get to know the characters as the show goes on.
House of Cards I was enjoying the first season but it went downhill really fast. I kept watching but all seasons after the first one were not that good.
Rick And Morty A show with a lot of laughs. It has an interesting story to go along with it.
The Office (UK) The original that started it all. Loved the characters and it was funny. Too short of a show.
The Office (UK) The original that started it all. Loved the characters and it was funny. Too short of a show.
The Office (US) This was a fun show to watch. Of course there were a couple of cringe episodes; but it made me laugh
Star Trek Deep Space Nine I loved a lot of the characters on this show. The format was great in that the story progress across episodes and seasons.
Star Trek Discovery I liked having Lorca as well Pike as the captain. It did take a few episodes to get into it. I enjoyed the second season too but then it started to lose the excitement.
Star Trek Lower Decks It is Star Trek with more laughs. Some episodes get a little absurd; but is fun to watch and enjoy. I like it.
Star Trek Picard I grew up watching Star Trek The Next Generation and it is nice to see a show with that cast again. It did start off a tad slow but I enjoyed watching it. I loved that last season.
Star Trek Strange New Worlds I am finding this to be a fun and great Star Trek. Not every episode is great; but ultimately it is a good show.
Star Trek Voyager This was a fun show to watch. It is a great journey.
Westworld I enjoyed the movie and the show's first season showed a lot of potential. The next couple of seasons were not that good.