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There are some video games I enjoy

Title Rating Comments
5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel I'm not fully sure I fully understand all the rules of the game; but I do enjoy playing chess and this is fun to play
Carcassonne It is the video game of the board game. The AI is a little slow with Princess and the Dragon expansion; but nonetheless this is a fun game to play.
Catan Catan is a great board game and this is the video game of that board game. It is a lot of fun to play
Cross Cells I love these logic solving games and this one is a lot of fun
Jurassic World Evolution This was fun to play. I still need to play more to really understand and like it.
HexCells This was one of the first logic solving games I found and loved playing it.
Hocus I love how it looks 3D as well as look like it has some impossible levels.
Planet Coaster I love simulation games like this and Rollercoaster Tycoon. This is like what Rollercoaster Tycoon was.
Small World A great video game of a fun board game. The AI is pretty good. I tend to just play two player (me against the computer)
Square Cells This is a fun logic solving game. I recommend it.
Supreme Commander Forged Alliance This is a Real Time Strategy game and I've played it quite a lot. My favorite is to do the skirmishes and setup some fun game play. Some times I make a large map, with islands but no naval units and play where I need to defend against air attacks. I recommend this game
Total Annihilation This is the first Real Time Strategy game I've played. Though it is old I still love playing this when I can. I recommend this game.