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Here are some movies:

Title Rating Comments
Boyhood There were some dark moments in this film. It was good and loved how the characters aged.
Edge Of Tomorrow I like time traveling movies and I like action films and this mixes both pretty well. Great story. Was really exciting.
Gattaca Very moving. It did feel a little slow at times but I still really liked it. It has a good message to it.
Gone Girl Though I did like it; I felt there were some unbelievable parts. Really shocking of a movie.
Gravity Great visuals. Though kind-of a disaster movie in that they just had destruction everywhere. But it was a fun watch.
The Imitation Game Great cast and fun movie. A couple of parts were perhaps a little overly dramatic. Still good movie.
Inception Very unique movie. Glad they made it a 'heist' movie. Was lot of fun.
Interstellar It was quite emotional in that the world is at stake but yet leaving your family in order to help. Really cool some of the physics. Also great music.
Logan Great way to continue the X-Man movies. Loved seeing the serious side of the characters.
Looper Some really dark parts; but I did enjoy them. Great concept. Was a good watch.
Mad Max: Fury Road So much fun. Had no idea what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised.
The Martian It was an enjoyable movie. A lot of the movie I kept thinking how terrible it would be to be stuck there. Still amazing that such a movie got created.
Nightcrawler A little creepy but I would love to show it to others and it is fun and exciting. Always exciting to see what happens next.
Onward It was fun and good emotional too
Oppenheimer It was intense and exciting. I liked it.
Palm Springs This was a fun movie. I like Ground Hogs Day and other time travel movies.
Room Loved this movie. Really emotional, great cast, and makes you think.
Sicario Great story. Was fun to watch. And was really exciting.
Tenet Very exciting and interesting movie. Great concept
The Big Short Certainly this would have been better if it could have released before the events of the movie; and does sort of an "I told you so". But it is fun to watch. There were a few cringe moments though.
Wonder Woman 1984 I felt the wishing stone idea was used many times before. There was also lots of weird flow, motivations and more.
Whiplash Gets a little tense at times. Not sure how believable this would be. I probably wouldn't have did the same decisions.